COVID-19 is likely to lead to big disruptions to the way infrastructure is financed and procured. In this abridged version of a webinar that was first broadcast on 26 April 2020, Tom Nelthorpe hosts Berkeley Research Group's Michael Whalen, Mayer Brown's Nathan Galer and independent consultant David Baxter 

The world's major credit ratings agencies have all committed "to incorporating ESG into credit ratings and analysis in a systematic and transparent way." But project finance credits might feature unique challenges. Tom Nelthorpe talks to Peter Kernan at S&P Global Ratings and Carlos Terré of Scope Ratings.

Demand for project finance skills has never been higher, but finding suitable case studies - and making sure the right institutions have access to the right knowledge - is still challenging. Tom Nelthorpe talks to Michael Whalen, Ian Cogswell and Paul Clifford about closing the gap.

Satellite finance has overcome some spectacular booms and busts, thanks to access to a variety of financing sources. Increased satellite data usage could take the market to ever greater heights. Tom Nelthorpe talks demand and launch risk with Michael Whalen from Berkeley Research Group and Nick Flitterman from Portland Advisers.

Reserves-based loans are a popular tool for financing oil & gas, and enjoy a good performance history. Low prices are less of a challenge to the market than ESG concerns, which may affect interest from some lenders. Tom Nelthorpe speaks to Paul Clark, a petroleum engineer and director at ICBC Standard Bank, and Ian Cogswell of Cogswell Consulting

It's the inaugural Proximo Festive Trends Round-up and Draft. Jonathan Yellen, Michael Whalen of Berkeley Research Group, and Ian Cogswell of Cogswell Consulting join Proximo's Tom Nelthorpe to review and rank the most important trends of 2019 in energy, infrastructure and project finance.

Project and infrastructure bond funds are still a rarity in debt capital markets, and are even rarer in emerging markets. Can a new emerging markets infrastructure fund fill a gap in supplying long-dated debt? Tom Nelthorpe speaks to Susan Wisialko of Global Infrastructure Finance and Michael Whalen of Berkeley Research Group.

Commodity hedges in US power have evolved over the last few years, but renewables have created some challenges to hedge providers and developers. Even if battery storage is more widely adopted, hedging will remains complex. Proximo talks to Paula Torres, an originator and trader at commodities trading firm Trailstone.

US power bankers are taking on greater amounts of merchant risk - but in different places to before. With both market structure and technology evolving rapidly, bankers are having to make some tough calls about how aggressive to be with terms. Tom Nelthorpe and Berkeley Research Group's Michael Whalen look back at the Proximo Austin 2019 US Power and Renewable Finance Exchange

Do project finance lenders ever learn from their mistakes? How do non-bank lenders behave when infrastructure borrowers are distressed? Are bankruptcies a sign that the PPP market is working as planned or failing? Proximo's Tom Nelthorpe talks workouts and restructurings with AlixPartners' Frank Pometti and Berkeley Research Group's Michael Whalen.

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